Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cover Crazy: The Goddess Test

Cover Crazy is hosted by Tawni over at The Book Worms

The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)

Okay so first I notice and love all the green and blue-green. I love how the ferns are full and surround her and some even lay over her. I think the white (and blue) dress was a good choice to make her stand out from all that too. 

Second the model is just gorgeous. She has beautiful angled cheeks boned and full berry lips. I also like that shes pale and even paler in places and with the set up you could almost imagine it as the light of a full moon on her.

Third the script for the title is beautiful and has the Greek parts to it. (Or math if your a nerd like myself and know what a sigma is) I also love the light lacing around and through the words.

I haven't gotten to read this yet but I love the summary (and cover 'cause we all secretly look at that) and plan to read it soon.

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Andrea said...

I love the font on this one as well as the dress. However, I don't like that the forest is melting into the odd pattern in the background.

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