Review Policy

My Ratings:
5- Loved it! Defiantly re-readable
4- I really liked it and would totally recommend it
3- It was good/average, you may pick it up if you're bored or want a simple read
If a books receives a 2 or 1 a review will not be posted because it is likely I was unable to finish.

My Policy:
My reviews aren't analytical nor are they terribly long. They are generally short, honest, and to the point. They are based off my own raw feelings and opinion of the book. I wont be harsh but if I don't like something about a book I'll admit it.

I do gladly accept books for review. I will also accept e-books (Kindle format preferably) although hard copies usually take precedence. Also I do not prefer to read a series out of order.

  • Genres I like
    • YA
      • Paranormal
      • Romance
      • Dystopia
      • Fantasy
      • Urban Fantasy
      • Chick-Lit
      • Contemporary 
      • LGBT 
      • Other genres also considered on a case by case basis
    • Some Adult books of the above listed genres may also be considered
  • Genres I don't like
    • Non-Fiction
    • Books with a heavy religious tone
    • Horror

I try to read and review books that i receive in a timely manner but I do have certain time constraints so I cannot guarantee when a review will be posted. Also accepting a novel does not guarantee that it will be read or that a review will be posted though I will try my beat to do so. Most my reviews are also posted on Goodreads.

The books I receive are provided by publishers, authors, or other sources. I do not receive money from them to review. My reviews are my own personal opinions and thoughts.