Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cover Crazy: The Reason is You

Cover Crazy is hosted by Tawni over at The Book Worms

The Reason is You

Ok so first I'll admit the cover is a bit disorienting but its just so beautiful. 
I love the color of the dress and well the dress itself too. Its so pretty and definitely stands out. The little flowers are a cute touch and they stand out as well.
I really love the water. I like how shes falling into it and the way it ripples around her.
The scrip for the title is pretty but almost seems too sweet with the fact that shes falling.
There's something beautiful and sweet about it but also something maybe sad or dangerous to it. 
I think even with the cover being disorienting it works being turned (In my opinion) the wrong way. It makes it interesting and adds to the beauty of it. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cover Crazy: The Goddess Test

Cover Crazy is hosted by Tawni over at The Book Worms

The Goddess Test (Goddess Test, #1)

Okay so first I notice and love all the green and blue-green. I love how the ferns are full and surround her and some even lay over her. I think the white (and blue) dress was a good choice to make her stand out from all that too. 

Second the model is just gorgeous. She has beautiful angled cheeks boned and full berry lips. I also like that shes pale and even paler in places and with the set up you could almost imagine it as the light of a full moon on her.

Third the script for the title is beautiful and has the Greek parts to it. (Or math if your a nerd like myself and know what a sigma is) I also love the light lacing around and through the words.

I haven't gotten to read this yet but I love the summary (and cover 'cause we all secretly look at that) and plan to read it soon.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers

Original Sin (Personal Demons, #2)

Luc Cain was born and raised in Hell, but he isn’t feeling as demonic as usual lately—thanks to Frannie Cavanaugh and the unique power she never realized she had. But you can’t desert Hell without consequences, and suddenly Frannie and Luc find themselves targeted by the same demons who used to be Luc’s allies.

Left with few options, Frannie and Luc accept the protection of Heaven and one of its most powerful angels, Gabe. Unfortunately, Luc isn’t the only one affected by Frannie, and it isn’t long before Gabe realizes that being around her is too…tempting. Rather than risk losing his wings, he leaves Frannie and Luc under the protection of her recently-acquired guardian angel.

Which would be fine, but Gabe is barely out the door before an assortment of demons appears—and they’re not leaving without dragging Luc back to Hell with them. Hell won’t give up and Heaven won’t give in. Frannie’s guardian exercises all the power he has to keep them away, but the demons are willing to hurt anyone close to Frannie in order to get what they want. It will take everything she has and then some to stay out of Hell’s grasp.

And not everyone will get out of it alive.

Review and Rating: 3-3.5
First off I love how Desrochers writes. I love that she isn't one of those shy YA writers. She doesn't back down from how teens really act and what life really feels like. I couldn't give this book as high a rating as the first though. I found myself too often annoyed by the characters going around the same internal problems over and over again. That's how people really are though so it made sense.  I liked it, its a descent book but I'm personally hoping the third one comes back and steals me like the first. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cover Crazy: Wicked Lovely

Cover Crazy is hosted by Tawni over at The Book Worms

Wicked Lovely (Wicked Lovely, #1)

Okay so this is one of my favorite books. It's a bit older of a book but its still amazing and I would highly recommend it.

The first thing I love is the frosted Iris and hands. Its just beautiful and if you read the story it makes a lot of sense. I love that its in focus compared to the rest of the cover as well. It draws attention to it and makes it more dramatic.
Second I love the way the title is set up. I love the color choice. It both stands out from the background and blends in at the same time. Also I love the vines twisting out from and below it.
Third I love the girl in the background. Shes slightly out of focus so shes still left to your imagination but she also fits in with the rest of the cover (and the book). Also I love how her lips stand out (again it makes sense when the book is read).
Fourth I just love the general color. The dark blues and purple mixed with the black. I definitely love this cover and the ones in the rest of the series are wonderful as well.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

In My Mailbox 10

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren.This is a weekly meme where we will post any books that we have received in the mail, bought, borrowed, loaned from the library etc. It can be anything we have just gotten and/or are excited about.

Far From the WarFar From The War By Jeffrey David Payne 
(Received from Publishers. Thank you Roche Harbor Books.)

Economic ruin and partisan rancor have pushed America to the brink of a new civil war. Esther is caught in the middle, serving as a page in the United States House of Representatives when rogue politicians and military leaders stage a modern day coup d'etat. When the coup turns violent, she abandons Washington, D.C. for home. She must learn to survive on her own as transportation and financial networks fail, as the war disrupts food and water supplies. The result is a cautionary tale about political extremism and the true cost of war.

Soul Thief (The Demon Trappers #2)Soul Thief By Jana Oliver 
(Squeak! So excited!) 

Riley Blackthorne is beginning to learn that there are worse things than death by demon. And love is just one of them…
Seventeen-year-old Riley has about had it up to here. After the devastating battle at the Tabernacle, trappers are dead and injured, her boyfriend Simon is gravely injured, and now her beloved late father’s been illegally poached from his grave by a very powerful necromancer. As if that’s not enough, there's Ori, one sizzling hot freelance demon hunter who’s made himself Riley’s unofficial body guard, and Beck, a super over-protective “friend” who acts more like a grouchy granddad.  With all the hassles, Riley’s almost ready to leave Atlanta altogether.
But as Atlanta’s demon count increases, the Vatican finally sends its own Demon Hunters to take care of the city’s “little” problem, and pandemonium breaks loose. Only Riley knows that she might be the center of Hell’s attention: an extremely powerful Grade 5 demon is stalking her, and her luck can't last forever…