Saturday, December 4, 2010

Review: Torn By Amber Lehman

Published: July 15th 2009 by Closet Case Press
Pages:404 pages
Age Range:14-15 and up
"It was different this time; we weren't acting on a dare. I knew our motive; we were practicing the act, hoping to impress the right boy when it came time. But then something happened—in the mix of the moment, in the mix of the alcohol. It wasn't planned, but somehow our kissing experiment turned into something else. Things went further . . . and once they had, once I returned to earth from the euphoria . . . I wrestled with my feelings at that frank realization, questioning whether our said objective was entirely true.
When fourteen-year old Krista McKinley transfers from Catholic school in Ohio to California's public Crestmount High, she discovers she has a lot to learn. Luckily, she is befriended by Carrie and Brandon and things start to look up. But when a simple dare tests Krista's values, it sends her entire world spiraling into a confusing series of events that leaves her questioning her identity as well as the people around her."
(From Goodreads)

Torn is a great and well written book. I really enjoyed reading it. It addresses a lot of problems young teens face and the characters are very well written and easy to connect with. You get to know Krista, Carrie, and Brandon and understand just how confusing some things can be for a teen. I liked that this story didn't just have every thing work out fine but that instead you got to see how things really work and how the characters get to riddle things out and learn to fix their problems. This story stays true to how confusing being a teen is and that things aren't always going to work out for you but instead you have to find a way to do things on your own and grow up. Torn has an array of struggles that the characters are put of against including first love, struggling friendships and family relationships, drugs, sex, and finding out who you are. It is a very good book for any young teen or even old teen to read even if they aren't having the problems addressed in the book.

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